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He jumped in and meowed until i closed the door, maybe he thinks he is going in to space

Ground control to major Tom

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this is the best thing i’ve ever made 


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Press B to crouch.

This is a sneaking mission.



Press B to crouch.

This is a sneaking mission.

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Mass Effect Trivia


  • The reason Tali isn’t a Romance option in Mass Effect 1 is that it didn’t occur to the writing team that players would be interested in her romantically.
  • Legion is an avid gamer and a pain in the neck of a certain MMO, because his computer-mind allows him to play for unlimited hours as well as dual-box. GMs were finally able to catch him when he started trash-talking the other players.
  • Jack’s first name is Jennifer, but she prefers Jacqueline Nought.
  • The real reason few members of your original team are unwilling to join you in Mass Effect 2 is because the devs wanted to keep them alive for the finale.
  • The entire species of the Drell, as well as the character of Thane, were designed specifically to appeal as a Romance option to female gamers.
  • If you are a female Shepard and romancing Kaiden, he will write you a letter of apology for his distrust of you on Horizon. As a Thanksgiving present, the voice actor performed the letter. It is viewable here.
  • Shepard’s biggest “fan”, Conrad Verner, was intended to either worship or spite you, depending on how you reacted to his adulation. Due to a bug in the second game, Conrad Verner would always act as if you treated him in the worst possible manner in Mass Effect 1. In the 3rd game, Conrad apologizes for “being very stressed and confused”.
  • Depending on the choices made, Shepard can play a vital role in 9 different people committing suicide, with a total of 8 on a single run through. The list is: Kelly Chambers, Samara, The Illusive Man, Aeian T’Goni, Tali’Zorah, Admiral Shala’Raan, Javik, Dr. Gavin Archer, and Saren Arterius. While Shepard’s role in 7 of these is either indirect or complicated, Kelly Chambers will take cyanide capsules as a direct result of the verbal lashings you have the option to give when she confesses her duplicity. If Commander Shepard advises Javik to touch the shard that brings back memories of his past, Javik will become fixated on the resulting pain and inform Shepard that he plans to take his own life after the war.
  • The ending of Mass Effect 3 is foreshadowed in Mass Effect 1 in the Codex data for the planet Klenocy. A volus prophet proclaimed that there are “Beings of Light” that came into existence specifically to protect organic life from “Machine Devils”.
  • All characters in Mass Effect 2 have hidden stats affecting the odds that they will die on the suicide mission. During the final stand, Mordin’s survival odds are the lowest and he will almost certainly die if you take your best fighters with you rather than leaving them behind to hold the line. This is one of the only mistakes a player can make that isn’t explicitly spelled out to them, which led to a large outcry from players when Mordin would die “for no reason”.
  • One of the advisers on the 3rd Mass Effect was a computer technician. He got the job working on the game when he came over to fix Martin Sheen’s wife’s computer. The technician gushed about the games and Mr. Sheen arranged the job as a favor.
  • Jack’s rather unprofessional appearance at Grissom Academy is due to a miscommunication between the writing and art teams. Fixing this was not a priority as “Jack never did follow the norm”, anyway.
  • The final boss of Mass Effect 3 was originally intended to be The Illusive Man plugged into a massive computer, his body bearing so many wires and alterations it would be difficult to tell what was machine and what was human. This was cut after the developers decided the game should end with a role-playing opportunity instead.
  • EDI’s body can be destroyed in the final level of Mass Effect 3 depending on gameplay decisions. She is not memorialized on the Normandy’s walls, however, as the body was an extension of EDI, not EDI herself.
  • Emily Wong is one of the only characters that doesn’t return in Mass Effect 3. This is due to a promotional event during the final 24 hours before the launch of the game. During the event, Emily Wong live-tweeted the Reaper invasion of Earth. Over the course of the news coverage, her resources are drained until she realizes there is no hope. She then turns and drives her news vehicle into a Reaper. Her final Tweet is “This is how a human dies: At ramming speed”.

Edit: (Thanks to Reyairia for reminding me about Javik on the suicide list)

>This was cut after the developers decided the game should end with a role-playing opportunity instead.

>the game should end with a role-playing opportunity instead.

>end with a role-playing opportunity

>role-playing opportunity


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