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The splendor of Strahov Library

I am typing this while looking at the building where these images were taken: the library of Strahov Abbey, towering high above Prague. While the monastery was established in 1143, the library dates from 1720. It is one of the most impressive I have visited: thousands of books placed in what looks more like a museum than a library. I hope you get a sense of the atmosphere from these images.

Pics (my own): Strahov Abbey Library, Prague.




Do you like explosions? Sure, we all do! You may enjoy THIS example of 0.25’s new, glorious explosion fx. You may also enjoy the big secret that will be revealed on next week’s EPISODE


"Son," the father says, examining the broken petri dishes littered about the floor, “I’m not a mad scientist, I’m just a disappointed scientist.”

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